When I got mad at Ayahuasca

For a little more than a year, I had been angry with Ayahuasca. I am Pisces with the Moon in Cancer, a bit emotional As you can imagine, the anger lasts me for a while 😅 and sometimes I used to take it very personally.

I had gotten angry because I didn’t understand how she might have been inviting people to work with her who had only selfish intentions like making money or fame. I didn’t understand.
I did everything for her, and she let her teachings be violated and defiled.
I had helped the mission and struggled to help many people up to that point.
I left everything behind.
I lost myself so many times in the labyrinths of my emotions and the things that my unconscious mind had been creating.

So many times were I feeling alone in all this. With the world on my shoulders.All for the mission.
We are saving the world, from ourselves, from our unconsciousness. We are waking it up and making it aware of its beauty and light, cleansing it of what has been darkening and numbing it—healing the pain—opening our minds and hearts.

For many years I had refused her invitation.

My heart has always been humble and respectful of its power and wisdom and the responsibility that working side by side with Ayahuasca brings.
I did not want that responsibility.
Much less, I did not want to be at the head of something. Unless, of course, it was to help a good cause.

We are preventing our self-destruction.
The future has been affected hugely.
Many worlds have been compromised and dragged into our chaos.

That is why we have been receiving more and more teachers and guides to help us find the way back, and that way is the way in.
The realization of the inner self. Of your light and your divinity and your creative capacity.
Of Who am I?
What is my purpose?

I was very angry with her.

Because the same teachers that you teach then turn against you. You invite them to this Ayahuasca. You. Why?
I told her that I was furious.
Tears were rolling down my cheeks when women told me about the abuses that some so-called teachers were committing.
Tears were rolling down my cheeks when people she asked me to help and share opened my heart to stabbed me many times in my own home.

You, Ayahuasca. You, you told me to help them. And now look. And I was crying.
Look how they talk and what they do!

For a while, I considered leaving everything.
To leave her. I had to separate THE MISSION from her and keep going.
I judged her. I did what others did to me to her because I could not see the bigger picture.

It was beings from other planes, those we know as angels, who later explained to me what had happened. She also spoke to me and explained to me. The same beings were the ones that convinced me to accept her invitation.

It had to happen.
It has to happen like this.
It is part of the plan.
All were serving and are serving a purpose for all and the whole.
They showed me the plan and how the pieces were moving, a chess board and how some of us had decided – from a higher plane – to take on a negative role in the lives of others like me for the sole purpose of pushing us (me) to be better and find the best in ourselves. To embrace our power and our mission or let it go.
Thus the universe is sure of those who carry the mission within with maturity and responsibility.

Those who go about the world living a selfish life are also helping. Showing us the consequences of the spiritual disconnection in which we live.
Teaching us what is not right and what we should no longer accept or tolerate.

Free will is never lost. One chooses every moment in which vibration and in which frequency one wants to be. Those in darkness somehow teach us the way, too; they push us to grow and be better and bring out what we carry inside.

It was all a big test!
She was testing me.
The universe was testing me.
The mission was testing me.
To see if I had what it took.

The heart is in the right place no matter what, With clear eyes and a smile as my best weapon. The realization that it only takes love and love to overcome trials.

I concentrated my anger and sorrow on Ayahuasca. To realize that as our creator’s parents, she only wanted the best for me and that at the core of her intentions was only Unconditional Love for everyone involved.

She had also given herself to the mission.
She is recruiting soldiers too.
And she is testing them.
As there was not much time, some of them had to jump in without having prepared or finished because they were already going to get caught on the way. It is inevitable!

The mission needs Soldiers who carry peace under their arms and words of love, hope, and unity like bullets that penetrate the minds and hearts of those who must let die all negative burdens, sorrows, old thoughts, resentments, and attachments.


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