Have you ever wondered why we like music?

The vibration and frequency of songs and music make our water element react, that’s why love songs are the way they are, and party songs want us to dance because we are 70% WATER! And water is an element that reacts a lot to sound and its vibration.

In the spiritual field, WATER is an element associated with emotions. It is the emotions that take us up and down.

And that is why we shamans CHANT THE WATER ELEMENT.

So that it helps us to heal our emotions and cleanse them.

In the Amazon, the medicinal plants are given in tea.

WATER can be charged with information, energy, vibration, WHATEVER YOU GIVE IT, and that is why in the DIET OF PLANTS, the teachers ACTIVATE the POWER of the plants with the IKAROS; they awaken the information of the plant that was prepared as a tea to work in the body. And once ingested, the shaman can direct that INFORMATION. It IS the AWARENESS of the plant in the whole being.

That is why ayahuasca shamans need to receive the songs of the plants so that their work is successful and the plants can heal.

The Ayahuasca healers call the plants spirits, with SONGS!

Each plant has a specific song and rhythm. The songs are given to the shamans; they hear them inside themselves being sung in detail and cannot resist singing them. This is when the magic begins for the shamans. When they have received their most important tool FOR HEALING.

Believe it or not, the IKAROS, or Ayahuasca Chants, not only bring the vibration of the plant spirits into the ceremonies to help the participants but they are also helping and healing the recipient, the person singing.

OUR BODY is the best MUSICAL INSTRUMENT we can have. It can make MUSIC! and it can VIBRATE from the inside! This is how AYahuasca chants and many shamanic chants use so many ways to vibrate and follow a rhythm to heal us. You can feel how music, or sound, affects you during a ceremony. This is what it means to feel open and be open when you reach that sensitivity and level of awareness when the veils drop to our true nature.

Our music takes people on a journey. Most shamans sing or use instruments to bring the body to the right vibration and frequency. Our thoughts also make us vibrate. They are also a sound within us, a frequent one.

This is why so much of our healing journey has to be and begins with changing our thinking to more positive ways to create that positive energy, that vibration, that frequency within us.

Try to listen to more music in the heart frequencies…not the heartbreak ones, the 528hz ones.

And remember to do a check with yourself and what your body is vibrating with because your body doesn’t lie .. Shakira, Shakira 🤣 !

What you feel comfortable with is what you will become or be a part of.!

What you feel comfortable with is what you will become or be a part of.

Love and gratitude

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