-The last man I loved-

The last man I loved
The last man who graduated me in self-love
That was the last man I loved
The one who taught me that words can be taken away by the wind and that only actions matter.
Love, I learned, is something very deep, very divine and it lives inside of us.
That love was the love that the last man I loved ignited in me
Love for me, for my life, for my dreams, for who I am.
There’s nothing wrong with me
I understood
I just lacked love
Yes, I was missing love
My own love

The man I loved for the last time took me to that final step, to transcend to the unconditional
To say NO to words and YES to reality. The illusions were shattered long ago. I can see you. I can see me.
I found myself again. I was reborn again.
I let go . I let go . I accepted.
That true love is the love that I have for me.

The last man I loved
Helped me to transcend, to end my long search
At last, I took a breath and said relieved
At last. I understood.
It was always in me.
Thank you. I let go of the search . I am complete . I was always just lost in the labyrinth of love concepts.

When true love is only the one I find day by day.
The one that makes me see life as it is, without exaggerating or dramatizing it, just as it is.
And I’m part of it

The last man I loved
I still love him but we don’t need each other anymore
We never need each other to love each other just to remember each other

I’m free!
I’ve let it all go.
The last man I loved
Took me to find the man who was already love. Pure love .
Unconditional love.

The last man I loved
I loved him in duality
In cruel desperation of knowing that not everything was over for me, that I still had the fire that burns, oh what if it burned us!
I burned you! You burned me!
You left your mark, but you left a mark in my spirit, in my soul. You helped me to find the last piece that was missing: ME.

I will always love you. I will always love you. I hope I will also be the last woman you ever loved.

Naysha Silva

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