Lately many people have been asking me about Unconditional Love.

In the personal journey that I am at the moment , I have found that the main answer for everything is : Unconditional Love.

What’s this?

Unconditional Love is a balanced energetic state of being. Is not a high or Lower  vibrational state, is once again a balanced energetic state that gives us  the capacity to explore different ranges of levels of consciousness, awareness, spirituality by having different kinds of experiences . 

Experiences that are enriching our souls such as having this human experience for example. Humanity is an experience of the counciesnes from which we are understanding a different perspective of the self(ves). 

Love without conditions. 

How does it work?

Everything is calling us back to our hearts. Every experience is like a pulsation of the universe. Every experience is a path to become unconditional. It works through living life, through existing, through being. Loving unconditionally is a daily practice.

Once you had decided to love without conditions because yes, everything we are living is a decision that we are making real . At Least that we haven’t yet awoken in our awareness that we are the creators. The architects of our realities and present lives. If we haven’t yet awoken then it is important to come to this realization. 

Don’t worry. Life is constantly driving your awareness to those opportunities but most of the time we still choose to continue sleeping because it’s more comfortable.

Waking up in counciesnes is the daily workout of the soul. 

Loving without conditions only can come with practice. The first step is of course towards the self . Ourselves. Loving ourselves without conditions. Accepting ourselves the way we are. Free of self judgment. This practice comes as well in all our different levels.

Unconditionally Loving our bodies, loving our minds, loving our emotions , loving our souls. 

Here is where healing comes , healing means becoming whole again. By practicing unconditional love with ourselves we become whole again. We are able to detect programs , beliefs, karmas that are giving us opportunities to transcend. Under the light of unconditional love everything we experience has a higher purpose.

When we don’t longer let fear control us but rather to show us our limitations so we can work on them.  

The most painful experiences are helping all of us to come to an understanding and later to a collective agreement that we can always do better and better as we could also do worse and worse like for example by not taking care of our planet we can make things worse for all of us and by taking care of our planet we can make better for all of us , as like a species we will exist for longer time.

The societies we are living in are the reflection of our beliefs and agreements. Imagining if we had created this unaware , how much good could we create in awareness? This is where we are now and where unconditional love wants to bring us to . 

From a higher perspective there is no judgment. 

None of the bad or good things that we do or that are done to us are really labeled as bad or good .

 They are just experiences that we are having that will generate more experiences. What matters is what we do with these experiences. How are we connecting with them? How are we understanding them ? What do they have to teach us or show us? 

Remember nothing is personal. Exactly nothing that is done is personal. 

Don’t take things personal. This is a liberating way for interacting in the world . When we stop ourselves from becoming victims or being victims of life. 

Every experience is giving us the possibility to express ourselves , higher or lower , it doesn’t matter , we are always expressing something. Being unconditional means being in a balanced state.

In an unconditional state , We had managed to master the energies that for example emotions can bring us into, where we are aware that there is sadness or happiness manifesting but where we are in control ( being in control of our emotions is not about suppressing our emotions, is understanding why they are there and what they have to teach us about ourselves) 

Emotions are teaching the human  self how to be balanced , so this self can achieve and open up to its full potential without emotions driving us out of control. The same force that can lift us can also bring us down when we don’t know yet how to direct the energy in motion (emotion). 

Does emotions or life sabotage us? 

Or is just ourselves driven by emotions that we can’t control. We had let our emotions take the driver seat in our lives. E-motions. Energy in motion. Energy in movement. And just as simple as this,  emotions are energies in movement.  Instead of letting these energies move things in us we resist, we suppress , we do psicoanalisis but we don’t stop and connect with the emotion that most of the time is just trying to come through us to move or to touch or to bring to the surface other energies that we are carrying within us. 

For example anger can be triggered by many reasons but nobody can truly make someone angry. To be angry is the decision.  That’s how we know humanity is not only about feeling emotions but about the energy in movement teaching us about ourselves. Showing us where we are , where are our boundaries?

Don’t get confused . Unconditional love is not about doing everything we want but about being aware and accountable for our actions, assuming responsibility and acknowledging the knowledge is coming from within and it manifests on the outside , in the material world.

To summarize this first part, how can we love unconditionally?

  1. Taking a conscious decision of wanting to be loved unconditionally.
  2. Loving ourselves. Exploring our being in all exectrum and embarrassing all what we are with love.
  3. Learning from our emotions.
  4. Not taking things personally. I rather invite you to ask yourself what the difficult situations in your life have for you with full honesty.
  5. Acting unconditionally that means first expressing love to yourself , so it can be reflected in the outer world. Basically don’t do anything your fully being doesn’t feel aligned to do , at the same time taking real action in the world. You care about the world , start wherever you are in your life and with those that are around you. Is not about becoming saviors but becoming an active energy for a better world to be created. We can only create a better world with better actions. Let’s eradicate hunger and hunger , it’s possible. Unconditional love says, first eradicate the hunger and poverty in yourself then manifest it in tHIS world with tangible actions.

Love and gratitude

Naysha Silva

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