The real trip

It is very easy for us to forget over the years that life is just a trip and with a return ticket, lucky everyone, we do not have to be stranded here in this destination. We all miss our home. We all look at the stars and long to go back to where our being calls us back. The great spirit.

Life is the true spiritual retreat. Living is a spiritual act. Over the years we have forgotten and we think that we are here forever. We think we are imprisoned in one of the most wonderful destinations, just close your eyes and remember, how many times this planet that you call earth has stolen your breath and left you speechless with all its beauty.
The rain, the sea, the trees, the birds, the wind, the flowers, the animals, the food, the caresses … absolutely everything is wonderful but still we have forgotten … full of fear and panic for not Knowing where we are or who we are and what we have to do we have taken this destination as ours, as if we were to stay forever and little by little we have transformed this paradise into a bunker because we feel constantly attacked and lost.

Life is the true journey, remember, relax, breathe, trust, explore. Let go of your fears, set yourself free. Give yourself the opportunity to live again. The Sun rises every day in our life as a symbol of a new time, a new opportunity.

We look for destinations to meet, life is a destination. A destination to find answers, to find meaning.

When you go on a trip you only take the most important thing with you: You.
..And what you need, it really isn’t much you need to go on a trip when you stop to think about it.

Remember this is your journey. You decide which places to visit. You decide what to load. You decide what memories you want to collect and what photographs you want to take with you back home.
Remember this is your journey. You have planned it. You have bequeathed the destination (for example where you were born). You have made the hotel reservations (your parents).
You and only you.

Then enjoy this trip. You still have many days left before you go home.
Remember this is your trip

Love and gratitude

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