Ayahuasca’s Masculine Side


We always hear or have experienced that Ayahuasca is a feminine medicine because its spirit or its essence has been shown in most cases in this way, as a mother. But Ayahuasca also has a masculine side.

In the year 2017 at the annual event that I do in Perú , the one-month diet, I experience a very curious ceremony.

Two people who were learning to work with Ayahuasca asked for lead the ceremony, I said yes with a smile and with the promise that I would be helping them and taking care of the ceremony together with my teachers.

In the middle of the ceremony, I felt the presence of very negative energy that tried to enter our space especially to disturb our apprentices.

It is very common when one is learning that this type of energies wants to disturb the ceremonies and that is why people who work with Ayahuasca have to do the training to be able to detect these types of situations. Especially to identify where these energies come from to take action! These energies can be in the surroundings or inside of the participants!

When I tuned in with the energy that was trying to invade us I could detect that it was a very strong negative energy, demonic to describe it more correctly. It was trying to come from the outside, Knowing that the people in charge of the ceremony were not prepared to face this battle , I was forced to intervene. My teachers gave me the sign and I started to sing .

Of course, the energy was not very happy that I have to intervene so it became more aggressive and showed me what its objective was, to scare one of the students who had just started on this path. Is truth a healer can’t have fears and takes some time until a student can learn what to do and how to clear these energies because once these energies mange to enter the space,  it affects the whole ceremony and takes time to put everything back to place . When these energies goes inside a ceremony, they scan the people’s fears and weaknesses to pull them to their  negative vibration .

Through prayers and songs, I called the spirits of the plants that protect me and protect my ceremonies. They always surprise me, especially when they have to help me! 



Geens Archenti

I remember that I was sitting a couple of meters with my back facing to a large metal gate that was the entrance door to the place where we were , while singing and rejecting this negative energy , – I saw how these doors opened and a great white light in their center and golden in its brightness transformed everything from a dark night to a bright day. 

My eyes were closed but I had to close them even more because so much was the brightness and brilliance.

I opened my eyes just to check that it has not become day time for real but I saw all of us in the ceremony and the intense light was still there and as It passed I saw a male figure dressed in white and with an energy that radiated humility, love, unwavering security and a force of steel. He had black short hair and he wasn’t very tall !

He smiled at me and held out his hand towards me saying: -Hello , I am Chakruna !!! –

Having said this and with all the light that came with it, the negative energy had no chance but to disappear.

Chakruna also left a while after the negative energy disappeared. We could continue with the ceremony in peace and without disturbance but he left a beautiful smile inside me! I had never encountered the spirit of Chakruna before!

I was so happy that  I did a DIETA with it! 

Chakruna is a plant that can be use to bring more light , clarity, grounding, protection. It works with the solar plexus and the crown chakra . It has a very good sense of humor !! Is a  master plants and therefore it has so many teachings to give. Is good to have clarity with the visions like a HD view . 


Chakruna Plant Leaf

Chakruna is the plant that contains DMT , Ckaruna is the reason why we have visions with Ayahuasca. Chakruna is the light that guides us through the center of our cores .

I have heard many stories about Chakruna, many people say that it is a feminine energy, just as some people say that the vine of Ayahuasca is masculine energy.

The truth is that all plants have both energies, feminine and masculine but they present to us according to what we need to receive.

I had a second opportunity in the diet of the year 2019 to meet the spirit of Chakruna, it was one of the first ceremonies and this time I was pregnant, the ceremony was not mine but I was supporting myself with the songs.

Due to my vulnerable state (emotionally ) , this bad energy reappeared, trying to invade our space again. – I was seven months pregnant and with very little medicine, I was very connected. –



When a woman is pregnant she reconnects with the creative source so she becomes more sensitive and really needs little or no medicine to work with or feel the energy. At that moment I started singing and in my vision, which was shared with Mae, – a  healer from the Philippines, (we saw and experienced the same thing during this ceremony. She can corroborate this information! ) – we saw the sky open and the Sun appeared and from the Sun a voice … – when the voice said its first word the negative energy had already disappeared, It could not stand a second in the presence From this powerful light

– That voice told me – That it was Chakruna, that the Sun was a portal through which it communicated and gave me a beautiful message that left my heart full of love.



His presence was so overwhelming and powerful that I wanted to bend on my knees in sign of respect but I couldn’t because of my belly ! I honestly could say that his energy was like the one described as the one from a saint or someone very holy.

When I was six months pregnant, my daughter’s father and fiance decided to step aside and not be part of our family. – to this day he has not communicated again- This was a very hard blow that I had to overcome every day. The hardest part until then was sleeping alone. Every night I felt the need to be hugged, to feel loved and protected to know that things would be fine. That we would get ahead !!!

Unfortunately every night until that night before Chakruna spoke to me, I shed tears and sighs on my pillow … I also whisper sorries to my daughter for not being strong, for not enduring sadness. Some people told me that it was not good to cry that it could affect my daughter but it was impossible. I am grateful that she came out so healthy but I never had a doubt about it, my plants had promised me, she would always be fine. She would be like the Sun shining and that’s why her name is Sol 🌞.


Chakruna said to me, – Listen to me, that I am always with you. Don’t be sad … feel my energy and know it …. I did so, in the midst of my songs that raised me to this connection I could feel his eternal love, his unconditional love, his protection, his strength. Chakruna told me, this is it, this is how the masculine energy feels, the true one, the one that is in the light. And I am with you from now on at night, I will be there for you. And so it was, since that night everything improved, I felt this beautiful light accompanying me, I felt protected again … my crying stopped and I was able to sleep again .




Immediately afterward he began to show me and explained to me that the masculine energy was light and that the feminine was love, one day the light that likes to travel between the space and between universes, found our planet and fell in love, the light met love and that is how we were created. From light and love : humans came from . Chakruna told me that this energy was going to descend again on earth to remind our brothers how to be men of light, to remind them of their protective mission, their stabilizing mission on this earth. 

Chakruna told me that for many many years men and women have been hurting each other and that there are many wounds to heal and that we are now in very different times, we are ready to rise again. Both men and women have already passed many tests, women have managed to claim their power to do and to be and now it was time for men to claim their right to feel again, their emotions … their emotions that therefore Time was denied to feel and express and that now the feminine could help to restore. The balance has arrived.

Ayahuasca and Chakruna are the two base plants of tea that we people from the Amazon call medicine and that we call Ayahuasca.

The mother told me one day that she was more present because we all needed a real mother because many of our mothers are sick, many of our mothers are still healing because there is still a lot of pain from the past and the present, we still do not respect what sacred and it is important that each of us heal ourselves so that real change can come.

WE HAVE FORGOTTEN THE SACRED OF MATERNITY, the mother of mothers told me, we have forgotten and that is why our children continue to carry pain and transmit it because it is still in the DNA, in our memories and that is why this mother Medicine is so present in the Ayahuasca ceremonies.

Chakruna gives us the light in that healing journey where we must go into the interior, into the womb of the sacred to be reborn as new and free, awake and conscious .

Love and gratitude!

Naysha Silva ®


* Through this vision, it was also given to me the mission to create MEDICINE WOMEN FOUNDATION, the CULTURAL CENTER and the COMMUNITY that today is being built in Peru with the help of many people and all the retreats that have been taking place in different parts of the world.



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  1. Beautiful story. My heart goes to children who are without a parent/parents, especially by choice/circumstances. I was denied ascess by my ex to my daughter…living in indonesia, ( I am in Ireland), at age of 4…..she is 11 now. She has been poisoned against me and it is pointless to make a conversation now. i just hope in later life she will recognise, more maturely how her mother manipulated her.
    i too had a negative encounter in ireland, like youres,I was just an acolyte, in a san pedro group, the brother shamans from peru, were not fit to be shamans and attacked some people who could see through them, psychically. I just wish i could see more tangibally like you, to verify things in spirit without feeling around in the dark so much. i got very ill later, tummy, and a local healer extracted an entity from my shoulder that was poisoning my system.I felt it was connected.
    Keep up the good work my sister i spirit….
    Blessings, gerry


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