-There is always a light at the end of the tunnel-


It is our human part that helps us to feel everything we feel while we are alive, while we are incarnated beings. Sometimes part of feeling is also feeling pain.

In these cases, our mind can be confused, and our hearts can become disoriented and that’s where our spiritual part helps us to rise to be able to see beyond the pain. To be able to understand and face with courage what pain is about to transform in us, in our interior. When we do not learn to access this spiritual side, it is when we suffer the most pain. When we do not learn to access that spiritual side, it is when we lose ourselves and isolate ourselves.

Only rising in the spirit and rising in the conscience will help us to maintain the compass of our heart working and directing us in the right way although each step could feel like hurting more and more. We need to remember that is our human part. That sometimes pain is an illusion. An illusion that feels so real sometimes. The heart knows that it is only momentary that it is just the human part that does not understand, that is detaching itself and is unleashing more mundane feelings.

The spiritual life does not erase the pain, and neither avoids it nor avoids it. The spiritual life gives us the tools not to let us drown in sorrow and the signs that it is time to move and keep going because it is precisely that what is creating pain that is stuck what clings not to change and not drop.

When we are brave enough to walk through the mundane pain, we become ready to rise in our spiritual being bringing the pain into the light. When the pain has transformed into light, there is only understanding, peace, joy and happiness for having passed the test.

But for all this, we must have trust and faith that everything in our lives is always happening for a higher purpose and in the difficult times is when we must open our eyes, our ears and our understanding more because it is in these moments when we are given an opportunity to be reborn.

To all of you that may feel in pain and cannot see the light. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

-Love and gratitude –

Naysha Silva 2018 ®





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