Food and Spiritual Paths

Nobody wants to be killed.

Nobody wants to die.

Nobody wants cruelty.


Exactly nobody, therefore, everything that exists wants to have respect because everything that exists has a conciseness, therefore a way(s)  of experience(s) life even death is experiencing life, isn’t that ironic but the truth? Without life, there is not death but does life needs to die to be able to exist? The answer is NO. Life only creates life remember dead bodies cannot make babies.  Earth is hosting one of the most important lessons we are able to experience as spirits: DUALITY.  In earth, we are experiencing duality in all levels just look at your body. Your body also represents the duality MATERIA  (BODY )VS ENERGY (SPIRIT). Your body is represented as the opposite of the spirit.  Your emotions, your thoughts an everything builds up is to experience DUALITY.


(wrong, right, devil, angel, good and bad, light and dark ).

We had built a reality where we can experience duality so we have a NEUTRAL PLACE to BE ABLE TO EXPERIENCE OUR FREE WILL in its MAXIMUM EXPRESSION.

Because ones we come here, we forgot but at the same time, we also know and the clue is to remember. We decided to come here because we were sure about our essence of light and that is why we came to see how much we can remember of our essence and pass the test that we had created for our own spiritual evolution.

In all this context is important then to remember that everything we are experiencing is our own creation. Creation based in our free will. Our free will of build or destroy. Our free will or belief in dreams or not. Our free will of choices and choices and choices that will open different and different and different possibilities and outcomes.

And we had started to become more and more aware of our creation that is also escalating and had started to affect our physical experience, our most important creation OUR MOTHER EARTH. We had forgotten of the RULES that maintains the BALANCE in this planet. The respect for the existence and the SACRED OF OUR HOME.

Little by little, we had started to put more attention to WHAT WE EAT FOR EXAMPLE and in this direction of TRYING TO SAVE ONE THING WE ARE FORGETTING THAT IS ALL THE PLANET that IS SUFFERING.

Branches of philosophies and practices about food had started to appear as WAVES of AWAKENING like VEGETARIANISM AND NOW VEGANISM.  I see this as NORMAL CONSEQUENCE of the creation TRYING TO BALANCE ITSELF because for a while WE HAD BEING GOING MORE DOWN THAN UP. And now OUR PLANET IS TRYING TO LEVEL UP with all these waves of how to nurture the self in different aspects and of course as spirits experiencing bodies THE FOOD WE EAT is a VERY RELEVANT SUBJECT !!!


For example, the healing work with the plants’ such as AYAHUASCA, requires of an INTENSE TRAINING of the different aspects of the being where the healer is able to experience in body, mind and energy the IMPACT OF CERTAIN PRACTICES that WILL HELP THEM TO BRING THE BALANCE AGAIN. Healing is ABOUT FINDING THE BALANCE IN ALL THE ASPECTS.

Practices like the DIETAS WITH MASTER PLANTS can make oneself experience the difference in all aspects of our beings when certain foods are combined, avoided, restricted or eliminated from our normal daily diet.

Healers from the Peruvian Amazon especially that has as part of their trained the practices of this DIETAS WITH MASTER PLANTS. Goes to different food practices such as veganism and omnivores but all well BALANCE.

The healer knows that by restricting certain foods will help his energy to get clear, clean and stronger therefore BALANCE so he can be able to DELIVER HEALING TROUGH HIS/HER BEING. The healer knows that by restricting all kinds of meat, salt and other elements, for example, his/her being will get time for DETOX and REBUILD so it can continue be RISING ITS VIBRATION AND THEREFORE COUNCIESNES. Becomes everything RISE when the VIBRATION rises. A HIGH VIBRATION maintains OUR UNDERSTANDING CLEAR AND OPEN to continue GROWING so we can become WISER.

The healer also knows that plants contain a very high vibration because is growing from the light and at the same time from our earth element so our bodies can also stay maintained. The healer knows that the body needs talks its needs. The body can tell us when the vibration is high or low just but HOW WE ARE FEELING energetically, emotionally and mentally.

The healer also knows that vibration is not connected with weight. Weight is a protection we build most of the time unaware. You can meet a FAT person with a very good energy or a very fit one with bad energies. The body is not a manifestation of the VIBRATION in that sense. The weight can be a consequence of many different aspects, mental, emotional or physical but that is the easiest one to fix .

The healer knows when his/her food is telling him/her that she needs to eat certain things to feel more grounded or more open at the same time the same thing that can ground us or open us can also become too much because then we are again going out of balance.

The healer that works with Ayahuasca goes from veganism to omnivores, like the day to the night for bringing the balance that the being needs.

The healer knows that everything is having a experience and that pain or suffering is not only exclusive of humans or animals. The plants are also experiencing pain and suffering from many things, noise, radiation, pollution, chemicals, poisons and that we cannot focus just in help one thing at the time because everything is connected and if you help one thing without the everything then again all goes out of balance.

To cause suffering in the other hand is a choice and to contribute with it is also a choice like for example buying organic meat instead of meat that comes from factories but without getting blind by the ego that says that certain kind of pain is more painful than other. PAIN IS PAIN. Animals do not suffer less than plants grown with chemicals and still, we don’t see movies where they show this because we simple cannot see it because we condition everyone’s experience to the experience that is more similar or close to ours. Because plants do not scream or cry or bleed red does not mean they don’t feel the same way as animals growing and being butchered in cruelty.

When we stop conditioning the experience of everything with our own experiences then we will be open to seeing how many different kinds of experiences we are already having for the same thing. Humans, animals, plants, minerals we are all together.

What needs to change is EVERYTHING THAT IS TAKING US OUT OF BALANCE. We need to RECONNECT WITH OURSELVES and therefore with EVERYTHING so we can again find the respect for our home and the things that live in here so we can restore harmony again starting first in us.

Under this light, everybody has a big responsibility for themselves. The change is in our hands completely.

Pain, suffering and cruelty must transform first in us for can be put into practice.

Vegans, Vegetarians, Omnivores do not need to fight for followers just FOR INNER BALANCE.



Naysha Silva 2018 ®







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