How the energies works in Ayahuasca Ceremonies

In a ceremony  a shaman knows how to feel, work and direct the energies. The shaman has learnt to identity the energies . When a ceremony is being hold a shaman needs to deal with the energies from the outside ( the surroundings, possible interference like attacks send by other shamans for example) and the energies that are open inside of the circle .

Everyone sitting in a ceremony comes with a small box or a big box of surprises . Between these surprises we have traumas, emotions, psychological mind states, entities and many different kind of energies ( loving ones, sexual ones, controlling ones …)

It’s very important in a ceremony to had learnt the difference between an outside interference and an inside energetically process because this understanding can help guiding people in their healing and learning process.

Many times  Ceremonies that feel like dark ceremonies are only the reaction of our own self defense energy mechanisms against other energies including Ayahuasca.

How this self defense energy mechanism works?

It works the same way like when you get an allergy reaction. During an allergy reaction your body self defense mechanism reacts generating stamina but at the same time this reaction creates much discomfort.

The same happens when our self defense energy mechanism is triggered by for example the energy of Ayahuasca , we start to feel very uncomfortable specially physically sometimes almost like a torture but is not Ayahuasca is our own self defense energy mechanism trying to attack the medicine!!!

Now is important also to understand that not all physically uncomfortable situation with Ayahuasca is related with this self defense energy mechanism. Feeling weak or shaky is also part of the healing process . Ayahuasca is exploring, searching , moving and shaking things inside us and that’s why sometimes we may feel weak or shaky .

When this self defense energy mechanism can be activated?

When we have control issues for example, we need to be in control of everything even the medicine.
How shamans deal with this then?
When Ayahuasca shamans are learning how to work with the energy of Ayahuasca they aren’t learning how to control it but how to flow with it. It’s like a dance between the shaman and the spirits of the medicine. The singing creates the symphony and rhythm for the energies to move .

As well our self defense energy mechanism can be activated when still want to hold in things that doesn’t benefit us like emotions or traumas.  When we can’t let go. When we fight instead of surrender. I find this part very difficult for many people : to surrender…

Why? One of the main reasons is because we don’t trust we still in defensive mode because that’s what we had learned. 
Trusting is a very important part of every healing process. Trust for your shaman , for your medicine and for your process. This trust comes from the heart . Does not mater how block we can be our hearts will eventually reveal us the truths and that’s why it’s so important to learn to reconnect with it and is one the first parts that all healers should focus in .
To open the heart of their people with love . Only love can bring more love .
Love is the best and only medicine that can heal and bring all the miracles we are expecting.
The biggest expectation that people have when they come to Ceremonies even when they aren’t aware of it is TO FEEL LOVE.

When love has touch us then we can no only start a very beautiful journey of transformation where we are able to walk feeling safe and encouraged that everything will be ok. 


-Love  and gratitude-

Naysha Silva 2018 ®©




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