The healers needs healing

Every year, every January I like to take time for myself to do a cleaning, to do my own inner work. To understand the lessons that the previous year brought to me, to make space for a new year. This January my intention was to do it as usual but the amount of energy that was demanded from me to take care of 20 souls that were also willing to have the same experience was way far of my human possibilities so I decided to delay for a bit.

I realized that when you do your healing process you need to have your 100% focus on it otherwise the results are not the best even when you are already a healer. We are healers, not superheroes. The doctor cannot be operating itself while operating others and if you heard the opposite from a healer well then is a big lie because the healer also needs healing.  



The work of a healer does not only involve helping other to HEAL but also TO BE HUMBLE ENOUGH TO ACCEPT THAT YES, HEALERS ALSO NEEDS HEALING.

Healers are only vessels for the energies, Knowledge transmitters, bridges between the spirits worlds and our world. 

When a healer does not take the time for its own healing CAN BRING MORE DAMAGE THAN HEALING.


 Because we tend to accumulate many energies of the people with whom we work. Many times the negative energy can be overwhelming especially when we did not have good resting time, we work too often or when we have too many responsibilities because in these situations the energy level of the healer can be lower than usual. 

LOVE and LIGHT energies are the strongest energies we can use for our protection as healers but when we do work very often, we can sometimes allow other energies to enter in us because a HEALER, as mentioned is a vessel for energies and our energy bodies tend to attract automatically all that is pure or not pure.

Remember light and dark is the same thing, only the vibration is different and the healer has learn how to work with energies in many ways not only through ritual but also the body had become a tool for the healer for depurate it or to transform the energy. Therefore it is very important to HEAL OUR MAIN TOOL our BODIES to maintain always a HIGH VIBRATION and FREQUENCY to be able to help others. 

Everything around us is constantly vibrating at a higher or lower level BUT there is always VIBRATION AROUND. 

The vibration indicators are called frequencies and the higher the frequency, the stronger the force.

A healer is a healer because through its own healing has reached a level of VIBRATION that is higher than the others that come for its help. This is something that does not make us better than other but just let us help those in need of change. You cannot help anyone if you do not help yourself first. 

It would seem that it is a selfish way but no, the healing of oneself is really an act of love to the neighbor, when we understand this we can say that we really have learned to really love.


 This saying applies everybody, even healers. Freewill is a universal rule that applies to everyone. Healing cannot be imposed.  Therefore IF THE HEALER IMPROVES ITS PERSONAL VIBRATION, THEN IT WILL IMPROVE THE VIBRATION OF ALL THOSE SURROUNDING IT. 

This is the most effective way to change others. With just improving oneself, improving relationships with others.

This principle never works the other way around, no low vibration person can reduce your vibration, unless you find yourself weak, if so, you were not vibrating loudly.

When healers are embracing their path as such a fully dedicating themselves to HEALING then is VITAL to FIND TIME and SPACE for itself but MOST IMPORTANT and this is one of the things I had learned many years ago … THAT ALSO ONCE IN A WHILE THE HEALER ALSO NEEDS SOMEONE ELSE TO LOOK AFTER HIM/HER.

I think this has to be the humble way the universe has decided to do things also for healers, that they are not always in the capacity to do everything by their own but that they need to be open enough to accept the care of other people or other healers when they come. 

This is the place where I have been the last weeks. I am back in my country wishing I had some time to spend with family and friends, but knowing that my healing is as important as spending time with them. There is no greater priority than that of our own healing, not only for our own health and harmony but also for the health of those who come in search of healing.

This is the commitment and commitment to the road to show love to oneself, we can show love to others. By letting others take care of us, we are also helping others to let themselves be cared for. By accepting the love we are also helping others to accept love.

Because the change starts on the inside and with oneself. 


Love and Gratitude 

Naysha 2018 ®©

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