-The Demon that wanted me –

This past weekend during our weekend retreat with the MADRE we had an very unusual exorcism during the first ceremony. Honestly, we always perform exorcisms of different types and energy cleansings for all our participants during our retreats. Many people are not aware of the existence of these demonic or parasitic energies but they exist and most people carry them without knowing that many of their problems comes from there, MANY OF THE PROBLEMS NOT ALL PROBLEMS, THE MAIN PROBLEM OF ALL PROBLEMS IS JUST ONESELF. WE ARE OUR BIGGEST ENEMIES.

What are demons?

I did not believe in demons until I started my spiritual path with Ayahuasca and I had seen things that you won’t believe. Demons are energies, spirits that had decided to have a different experience apart from the light. They had been once part of the light but they got corrupted sort to speak.

The universe respects the experience they had chosen to have as long as they do not interfere with our FREE WILL and there is no need to be afraid of them either; they are just like you and me just with a different purpose and a different look of course!

During my years working with Ayahuasca, San Pedro and other master plants I had encountered different kinds of demons as well. Why are they different? Because they have different levels of consciousness,  as we can develop a very high  states of consciousness in the light we can also develop a very high states of consciousness in the dark but this is mainly voluntary, everything is voluntary nothing has been imposed to us.

Like people voluntary or involuntary they had invited these demons to live in them for good or for bad depends on oneself as well, when is that for good? When we had realized that, there are better ways for learning like love and light.

When people comes to ceremonies and they acknowledge they have these entities they are giving a choice to let go of the entities or to remain attached to these entities, some of these entities really do not want to go, even when the person has decided to let it go and this is when our skills come in to help the people in the ceremonies. How we do it? I will explain it later, so keep reading.


What are parasites?

Just like demons parasites are energies that live from our energies, they have a consciousness but not a much-evolved one, they live from our light, our fears, anger, or attachments. These are easily removed in the ceremonies except for the parasites that are from the INSECT kind! They really give us work but they also must go because nothing is allowed to live inside of us apart from our own souls.



How to prevent to having these entities?


In our ignorance, many times we commit unconscious and sometimes conscious acts that open doors in us, doors that once open can invite different types of energies into our interior and this is how the corruption of the energy begins.

Among these conscious and unconscious acts, we have:

  1. The acts of the body:  All those acts related with CARING FOR   or DESTROYING our temple (BODY) Here we have:
  •          FOOD (how we eat our food? do we bless our food?)

When we eat, we open our temple to receive ENERGY and our state of energy in the moment. The the energy we receive from our food will also help us to heal or to get ill. Eating when we feel anger or sadness is very bad. Everything is energy remember you can transform energy by simple acts such praying. Praying is an act of faith, gratitude and a vehicle for miracles. Does not matter how healthy you eat, how organic you eat, IF LOVE AND GRATITUDE are not within you. 

  •  SEX 

When? And How? We have dishonored one of the most important acts of our life as human beings in a mere carnal act of pleasure and selfishness, we no longer refer to this act as an act of love, MAKING LOVE, but as SEX. Feel the differences in the words: I want to have sex. I want make love. The second sentence sounds softer, tender, more loving, more secure, and safer. This does not mean that people that want just to have sex can confuse you and make you believe they want to make love when the intention is not that but when you get in tune with the difference of the energies you will be able to identify the intentions behind people, men or women.


The spiritual path is a path of discipline not of self-indulgence. Self-indulgence and excuses are what keep people running in circles. Never confuse LOVE FOR YOURSELF, TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF with SELF INDULGENCE. It is for the bravest to break through that circle and rise. I receive many woman with so many problems in their wombs, blockages.

The womb is the centre of energy in a woman, the place where the miracle of life takes place. Being a woman is a responsibility that many women have forgotten because of the delusion of   the world and her own delusion of trying to find love and acceptance. When all is already inside of her and inside each of us. This deserves an article on its own but this is not the intention in this article, in any case, I hope the message is clear in this part.

When you make love, you open yourself to an exchange of energies to a communion of energies between you and the other person. If one of the couple has being sleeping with many people be sure this person is carrying many different kinds energies and lately it has been confirmed that WOMEN ABSORB AND RETAIN DNA FROM EVERY MAN THEY HAVE SEX WITH. Now do the mathematics.

Maybe you can lie to yourself and say but come on we cannot live without sex. Really you cannot live without sex? The only thing I am sure we cannot live without is LOVE and is LOVE what you are looking for , be patient and wait until the person that truly shows love to you will also truly deserve to enter your temple.


It is very important since we have a physical body to help it by having some different kinds of car for it is not about being fit but about allowing the body to release its own tensions and stress through movement. The movement also helps clear the mind and allows you to feel your body better. When we are lazy we also become stuck in our energy and you tell me what happens when the water stops flowing and gets stuck? Same with the body. Then creatures come and live there, lol.


   2.  The acts of the mind:

Here we have all these little things you think and you believe no one knows, well let me tell you someone knows, the universe knows, YOU KNOW! It is very important to be mindful of what we think, external energies many times try to put in us thoughts that have never been there sometimes destructive ones, our mind is also a vehicle, a door where ideas are created and then reproduce these in reality.

Every time you have a negative thought about yourself or others ask yourself why? From where is this coming from? Is it a projection? Is it some truth? The clearest channels of communication for the soul is through the heart, nothing can interfere with the heart when it is open, because an open heart is protected by LOVE.

When the heart directs the mind then there is no place for confusion but just clarity. When a heart is open we are able to see our truth colours without judgement and like these we can see the truth colours of other people and then there is a point where we learn how to discern between projections and the truth.

The truth is there when there is no longer judgment but compassion and acceptance. Compassion and accepting bullshit is very different by the way compassion is understanding that there is not light in everyone but we do not judge it , we do not feel superior , we wait patiently until the person wants to be helped and we guide with love when that happens. Positive thoughts, self-awareness.


 3. The acts of the soul:


How many times, have texts and books been written about THE EGO! The ego is one of the biggest obstacles for our spiritual path. HUMBLENESS is the opposite of the EGO.

The “I AM” is nothing without the “WE ARE ONE”. We can individualize ourselves because we are part of something collective and not the opposite, all is connected. There is nothing that can really survive alone even the energy of LOVE is composed of so many things, like the LIGHT. The light we see is one but when we look closer we find the RAINBOW 🙂 amazing isn’t?.

It is OUR EGO what keeps us in SUFFERING. Because we think, WE KNOW BETTER, because we think WE DESERVE MORE AND MORE without GIVING. The only thing we truly DESERVE IS LOVE not punishment. The universe never punishes us; we punish ourselves   when turning away from the universe, from consciousness, from LOVE.


We know so little about LOVE but we are experts in PAIN and we LOVE OUR PAIN so much that we will make many BUTS and EXCUSES to not let it go. When you realized you can learn everything Pain taught with LOVE you will found an infinite source of knowledge because who does not want to learn in LOVE always? Why do we search so much for LOVE in our lives and not search for PAIN? Because our true essence is LOVE ! And how is it that we always end in pain when looking for love? Because we look in every place and in everyone else but not in ourselves.

The EGO makes us believe , we deserve suffering to achieve a higher state, the ego does not feel worthy of LOVE, the ego thinks LOVE is WEAK. The ego wants to have control instead of flow, whereas when in flow is true control. Our EGO wants to makes us HEROES, MARTYRS, VICTIMS. We are OUR OWN SAVIORS nothing else.


It is easy to enter the spiritual path but is difficult to remain centred, commit and pure. As we walk through this path the resistance, the test is going to be stronger but for every achievement, for every step forward you will see the difference and you will find the motivation to keep going more clear, stronger and with trust.

In the path with Ayahuasca many people have gotten confused because they did not confront their fears, their inner demons. We must confront all what we are beauty and ugliness, and acknowledge it. When we acknowledge it our darkness becomes light but while we keep it hiding it will be always there waiting for you to be brave and look at it, why? To make a choice… Of change, of transformation or to remind you where you are and WHO YOU ARE!

Empathy the new excuse of the EGO:  All this year long I have read and heard about people making excuses for their problems because: YOU KNOW I AM AN EMPATH!

When I asked Ayahuasca what is it to really be an EMPATH? I got the answer THAT EMPATHY IS THE UNHEALED PART OF ONESELF THAT RESONATES WITH THE UNHEALED PART OF OTHER PEOPLE. I am not saying it is wrong to feel pain, what is wrong is to get attached to the pain, to get engaged with the pain. Pain and compassion are different. The pain that you feel in others and when unhealed in yourself will tear you apart . The pain that you feel in others when healed will lead you to understand COMPASSION, you will recognized the PAIN but you won’t tear apart, you will not resonate with it , you will respect it and GIVE IT LOVE without feeling sorry, without self pitiness understanding that you cannot save anyone but give a hand when asked and even though you are asked for a hand you know you cannot do the work for other people.

True compassion is knowing everyone has the capacity to get HEALING, we are there for support but not to do their work because there are precious lessons to be learned when we have managed to learn how to transform the pain into love in ourselves. 

The Role of the Shaman

In all these contexts the Role of the shaman, curandero , healer , Ayahuasquero whatever is the path you have chosen is to guide you , point where to look but not what to look at. To help you to feel SAFE for the journey you will have, to not judge you, to share with you with LOVE. To respect you. To become a breach between the invisible and the visible, To give you MESSAGES but not to make you understand the messages. To show you it’s possible, to speak with his-her example. To protect you until you have learned how to do it yourself. To help you finding the tools that you need inside yourself to one day walk alone and that you do the same for others.

A true teacher will never want to keep you attached to him or her, he- she wants your freedom and that you spread your wings and find your truth and he -she will always be there when you need it not when you want it. They will never abuse you or ask you to do things that go against your integrity. A true teacher will never abuse your body either. She- he becomes a mother, a father, a brother, a sister, your whole family, the universe even, depending of what is needed, but never your saviour.


The Demon that wanted me

Continuing with the beginning of the story, this past weekend something very beautiful awful has happened to a man with a demon, that to be honest I had never seen until he came to us always for a reason of course.

As I said we do exorcisms every weekend so that people get rid of the blocks and obstacles that are not letting them continue in the paths they had chosen. We are in the middle of the ceremony when I get close to this man in particular, he is very blocked, he can feel the Ayahuasca but not as he should so I start to do work with him I touch him and I start vomiting immediately and then the other shaman conducting the ceremony interrupts me  and call me to do something else. At this point I feel why is he interrupting my work? I did not have a good feeling but I must show respect so I do what he says, then after a while I go again with this man and again the same thing happens I touch him and I start puking and then again the other shaman interrupts me and calls me outside and says to me :- Be aware of the energies you are projecting onto this man-.

I am very confused at this point but I am not stupid so I ask straight if he can say what he truly means as I am feeling he thinks I am doing a certain kind of LOVE energy work but not in motherly way if you understand what I meant. So the shaman answers me yes exactly that. I just look at him and little upset to be honest I tell him : – You are seeing wrong-  and I come back to my place that is a couple of meters in front of the man that I was working with before . I was still a little upset and concerned but mindful of not get angry since I am in a ceremony; anger is also doors for bad energies to come in us. I sit and start connecting with what just happened at this point the man in front of me starts screaming and breathing heavily apparently the work I was doing was giving results and whatever was inside of him was reacting .

The shaman asked me to sing and I did. At the same time, I am watching what is really going on, through the singing I can clear energies to see clearly and finally I see it: A demon! A big one that was trying to confuse my shaman friend so that I get angry with him or him with me but the intention was that I end alone , alone for the demon itself. Ayahuasca showed me that the demon wanted me, desperately and that is what my shaman friend was perceiving, the demon energy towards me not mine towards the man.

Anyway once I become aware of this I go to my shaman friend and tell him to please take this man outside as he is disturbing the energy and we are all feeling it, he is already aware also of everything that it was the demon and not me doing stuff to confuse us. In situations like this when a demon is trying to take over a ceremony we must act fast  to not let other people get disturbed in their journeys, it does not happen always that we need to do this but this demon seemed like one of the big bad ones and he wanted me therefore I could not work in the same room with him.

My shaman friend goes outside with this man and stays outside with him as I feel the energies are getting back into place inside the ceremony room I can continue working on how to get rid of the demon, I keep singing to get more information about how to proceed and at the same time I am trying to use the power of my music to expel the demon but it is not working for some reason and then another message comes for my shaman friend through me that we need to connect with San Pedro energy because San Pedro has such a high vibration that will help us with the demon and other instructions. Once I make sure my shaman friend is following the instructions given by San Pedro through Ayahuasca I manage to get to speak with the demon and ask him:

-What do you want? – (I already know of course but I need to ask to see where it leads)

The demon answers me: –I want you- .

And I said,: – You are confused you do not want me, you want the LOVE that is in me and as I said this I opened my arms and let all the LOVE inside of me  pour out, I feel like falling in love with the demon because I feel he is accepting the Love I have, at the same time I see he started to get smaller and then I tell him the Love I have and that you feel is nothing compare with the Love you will have if you come back to the Light and then he started to get even smaller until finally he disappeared in the light.  All what he wanted was Love the spirits says to me, even the demons can get tired of suffering and rejection and even they can go to Love. A big reminder of what I learned in my first years during my training, this came back to me: WHEN A DEMONS COMES WE NEVER FIGHT IT , WE ONLY GIVE LOVE.


Naysha Silva 2017 ®




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  1. I love the way you bring great dialogue and questions to the forefront in your search of this work i alway get something from your articles. Great strength and clarity .Blessings


  2. The magnitude of your fantastic work that night I guess I have not even realized even I feel the change more and more! Mucias Gracias mi curanderos! I shall see you later! 🙂


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