“All healing process has a beginning . When you come to an ayahuasca ceremony to heal your body, mind and soul, or just you are in a search , it all starts with your intention , to me this is the most important part – that you want to be better – together with your intention we have the quality of the medicine to be used in your ceremony, which will help your intention “.

To get the vine and leaves chacruna is the first step, personally do not like to enter the forest and take the plants out there, they’ belong to the jungle and stay there. In Peru and in many places today there are farms where medicinal plants are grown from these farms is that I get my plants, because these farms replanted plants and have respect for them. From here we are already starting to put our energy in ayahuasca, from the moment we get the plants, we do so with respect for nature.

Good medicine needs fresh ingredients, after collect ayahuasca one should start preparing or the ingredients begin to dry especially the ayahuasca vine, remember that it is this vine that opens us to the light of chacruna that give us visions, if we do not have enough vine this opening is not going to happen. The vine works by paralyzing the immune system, in other words block all the protection that our body creates trough the immune system this protection I also Believe affects our emotions guardian system, whatever is blocking your heart to be open Ayahuasca will help to release it , that’s why it’s easier to release emotions and to access to old memories during the ayahuasca ceremonies.

Curanderos also prepare physically, emotionally and mentally to cook their medicine, to have a good medicine you must be dieting while you are cooking your medicine. What is diet about? No sex, no alcohol, not pork, not eating at all until the medicine start to boil, this is one of the important secrets of cooking a good medicine: THE DIET.

Only people that are doing a diet can be close to the medicine or that is constantly cleaning the body and energy in the ceremonies. A person that was day before in party with alcohol ,sex and drugs won’t be a good influence while you are cooking your medicine. Every single element it’s important, because is the energy that you are putting in your medicine, that the people in your ceremony will take. I don’t even cook for my boyfriend if I am in bad mood, because I not doing with love and he will eat this feeling. Every single thing it’s important in everything in life. We are affecting everything without words, thoughts and actions.

For just one liter of ayahuasca curanderos works 3 days ( night and day time)

The curandero cannot leave the pots alone for a second, somebody that is also dieting should be there ( in the place where the medicine is cooking) all the time taking care of the medicine. , some shamans also sleep in the place they are cooking the medicine, next to the pots .Ikaros are also important, we need to sing and to blow some tobacco to our medicine at some moments.

How you cook the medicine? There are different ways and everybody has their secrets and I would like to share it here ,but I had promised my teachers I won’t share these secrets to everyone just for the ones that had decided walk in the path and become shamans or curanderos.

We need to have respect for this knowledge, not just trying because of the experience. This is not like cooking rice, we are talking about a sacred knowledge that will change your life forever. When you tried alone for the first time you can damage yourself, you can get nuts, you can get lost , not jokes with ayahuasca. Remember you will enter to different dimensions, just imagine that you want to explore the ocean for the first time in a boat, and you never tried to drive a boat before , how you gonna do it? If a storm comes, if the wind is too strong? Just the simply fact of you need to learn how to build your boat first . Same with plants you need to build yourself for this experience. Do not expose yourself to this, of course you will learn a lot if you survive ,but why GOD to do it in this way. I also had tough about the first shamans taking the medicines, they did it alone but also these people has been connected with nature and their knowledge of nature is so big, they have been call for it, they receive the instructions through dreams. And you just read some recipes on internet … have respect yourself , respect nature and respect ayahuasca .

-Love and gratitude-


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  1. Hi Naysha, ever since I´ve stumbled over Ayahuasca on the internet, I have become more and more interested in trying it but I want to become a curandera – I want to try it alone with singing of a curandero at Ayahuasca-Ritual (found it on you tube) – I don´t party or drink alcohol but I do smoke Marijuana – I will prepare one week prior to the ritual (mentally) – do I have to stop smoking Marijuana before performing the ritual? If yes, please tell me how far ahead – would one week be enough time? Also, please tell me everything I need to know, in order to be able to go the right path in the ritual.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Love and Peace,



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