Maq and Suraiya Umaque

They are a husband & wife members of TAITA INTI ORGANIZATION

I had met this beautiful couple in the year 2015. Maq and Suraiya came as participants in one of my retreats in the Netherlands at this time I was praying for have support for the work that I was doing in Europe. More people were started to come to the ceremonies, and I could not manage myself with all the traveling and ceremonies on many levels. We always want to offer the best, and we work individually with every participant, and I am so happy to have had the privilege to meet this beautiful couple. We are growing together, and overall WE ARE A FAMILY!!!. I invite you to get to know them .

Maq Umaqe


I come from humble beginnings, always an outsider to conformity and social rules that people set and adhered to. I was fortunate that I was able to take a step back as an outsider and watch people and life unfold. It gave to me an understanding of what we as humans will do and the lengths we will go to, to create and manifest our intentions.

In my teenage years I found myself lost in a world that had somehow captured me into a daily routine of working 6 days a week just to survive, a routine where I would use anything to try and forget the week before. I simply could not accept the fact that we were all put on this earth to work and survive in this way for the next 50 years of our life. I knew somewhere inside that there was more than this to live, that there was a greater purpose for us all, I just didn’t know what to ask for or what it was.

I surrendered to the universe and asked for help and asked for guidance. 1 week later I received into my life my soulmate… Suraiya, 1 week after this… we were married. I was humbled and grateful for this gift I had been given into my life… but the universe had lessons for us to learn, the question of why we were here and what my purpose was, was still to be answered. Suraiya became ill and was diagnosed with a condition for which there is no cure… in short… she was dying from a terminal condition, and I could not save her. Through this journey, I learned much about myself, my weaknesses and my strengths and I reached a point where I simply had no choice but to surrender… It was then that we found plant medicines and I became aware of their absolute healing properties. It was then in a plant medicine ceremony that Suraiya was healed overnight… I had total belief and conviction that she would be healed that night and the next morning… it was so!

This started our journey around the world to learn and understand the healing properties of plant medicines. Plant medicines are the understated miracle workers that have always been here. They will heal us mentally, physically and spiritually, they will bring us the tranquil calm and the purpose that we search for, they will bring us healing cures that modern medicine promises and cannot deliver, they bring us the missing pieces of our souls that complete us.


Suraiya Umaqe



After recovering from a terminal illness overnight through plant medicines, Suraiya has learned the teachings of plant medicines and their power to heal not just herself but also others… not only physical conditions but the full spectrum of the self, mental physical and spiritual.

These plant medicines have given Suraiya a unique gift to help others to recognize their current situation and then through her special and direct way to help people understand and submit to the power of love and healing, a way that can be integrated into life to produce balance, harmony, and love.

These medicines work through Suraiya in a ceremony, not in the usual way of a shaman or curandera; it is a very hand on and honest method which has proven to bring major healing to people when they are ready to bring change into their lives and open themselves to receive.


Maq and Suraiya had also started their own webpage 


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