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Naysha is from the Peruvian Amazon, she has been traveling around the world sharing the message of change beginning inside for a better world!

I am very happy to continue offering my services, this time to be closer to you and guide you step by step with the experience that I have been gaining throughout the last ten years traveling the world.

One to One Ceremonies

Price 380 EUR

The benefits of private sessions are many:

1. You’re not affected by other people’s energies or sounds when going through their process which can be a distraction when you’re in group ceremonies. The whole process is about focusing on your individual journey and what you need to do to move forward.

2. The healer is there to completely cater to what arises throughout your private ceremony as well as before and after your ceremony.

3. Deeper and more profound work can be achieved in a shorter amount of time as these private sessions are dedicated completely to you and your healing.


Private Groups

If you are interested in taking me to your country or you have a small group of friends who would like to have more intimate and controlled ceremonies according to their needs, this option is you .


Organize a Retreat

If you are interested in accommodating ceremonies in your own program and contract us to ONLY perform the ceremonies you decide for your retreat, this is your option, the prices will be according to the size of the group and the number of ceremonies required and the type of economy. from the country.

If you need help to help you accommodate the ceremonies with your program, don’t worry, we will guide you. We have six years of experience facilitating plant medicine retreats internationally.

This is a good option to earn money and continue helping where we are only hired to perform the ceremony, all the actions to carry out the retreat will be carried out by the organizer. We offer to carry out the interview and we also help promote your event on our networks if you need it.


I feel a deep sense of gratitude and serene joy after the ceremony. I know that Naysha’s loving holding was an important part of my journey and allowed me to go deep within myself carried by the motherly spirit of Mother Ayahuasca. I remember whispering “Thank you” time and again for her presence, for the beauty of the songs and prayers that went all the way to my heart. I felt held and cared for throughout the whole time. My experience was healing and reconnected me with what are the most important values in my life so I could remember that I have it all within me. All Love, Compassion, and Gentleness. It helped me to shed some of my old beliefs that cultivated my self-resentment, to let go of current forms of ego that needed to go. I wholeheartedly recommend Naysha and the Taita Inti team. I am ready to go deeper on my path of self-healing and I believe I found just the right guide and friend.

Kasia K.

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