Petar Dimitrov short story of life so far

I was born in Bulgaria, in a small town in the heart of Rose Valley, between Middle Forest and Old Mountain. My first spiritual teacher was my grandfather and his name was The Wolf. He was a school teacher and use to organize regular mountain trips for his students. I joined that trips since I was 10 years old. He was also a hunter and teach me to love and respect wild animals. Thanks to him I created special relationship and connection with nature.

Then I remember the day my family was moving to the capital. I was sitting under a big tree and crying because I knew, I will disconnect for many years. I was 19 years old at that time.

We move to the capital, I went to the University and study Architecture. In the meantime created a small company for doors and windows. After finishing the Uni continued to develop the company, and it grows until 2007. I was in property development business with turnover 10 million euros. Then the storm of financial crises came. My business collapsed, from a millionaire I become a guy who struggled to pay bills.

In 2012 I moved to London with £600 in the pocket and wife and daughter in Bulgaria relaying on me. I quickly found job as a carpenter and my new life begun. Again I climbed the lather of success and 4 years later I was living in a beautiful house with my new girlfriend and her 2 daughters still taking care of my ex-wife and my daughters. I was owner of small construction company.

Then in March 2017, my spiritual journey began. Started with Kambo, then Ayahuasca and San Pedro. I reconnect. Re-established lost connection with nature. In August I left comfortable life in London and went back to Bulgaria in empty house in the forest. I gifted the company to guy who was working for me, spread the saved money between ex-wife and girlfriend.

I was FREE.

Now I enjoy the feeling to be free soul walking on Earth.


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