Paolo Ruíz Fasanando, of Peruvian nationality, was born on December 21 in the city of Tarapoto, province and San Martín region.

In 2003, he began his career in natural medicine with only 15 years, achieving experience and confidence to transmit it in each session of Ayahuasca. The reason for undertaking the journey was through a spiritual call he perceived and with his first teacher to start the long road that today stands out in his method of healing and preparing plants.

They were seven years of work together with different ayahuasqueros teachers, purge teachers, perfume teachers and aquatic teachers. His preparation also needed many diets and purges, strengthening his body, mind, and heart.

In each session, Paolo Ruíz transmits the peace that one needs to heal or to learn. Through his selected Amazonian icaros, he detonates harmony for the soul and humility of the heart. Today you can notice in your patients.

Outside of activities with medicine, Paolo embraces a great responsibility with his community and with Mother Nature. So he works with non-profit environmental NGOs.
In 2017, he started his independent path as a plant teacher, managing to travel abroad, taking his medicine prepared by himself. The confidence and the guidance that it transmits are unique, and today it has as a goal to reach all the people who need it. There are no boundaries when it comes to healing or races. For Ayuahasca we are all equal.


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