Taita Inti has started a way to continue incentivizing people to keep growing and healing on all different levels, a ONE MONTH DIETA . This event is a PRIVATE event and only for people that have already participated in one of our retreats and that are seeking to continue becoming better persons and improving their lives as well continuing  learning. In other words a DIETA is for those who have experienced Ayahuasca and want to take their self healing to the NEXT LEVEL. 

Naysha had started with this practice for several years, a time of the year where she found time to clear, heal and continuing learning, this practice is bringing her amazing results in her personal and professional life and that is the reason she has started to invite people to join her and share this experience during this time. 

“If we start every year  by purifying ourselves  (from all the energies, emotions, thoughts we have been collecting through the year), by healing ourselves (inside of us we have many layers and our healing journeys never end especially in this time where we are not just healing our own present life time but previous ones also, where we are healing not only us as individuals but as a collective,  this kind of process is crucial for every individual that wishes to evolve and through its evolution to help the consciousness to expand), by continuing, learning and training ourselves because the knowledge is infinite we never stop learning and is good to take time and observe what the past year has brought to our lives and what we still need to work on in ourselves. By starting a new year with this kind of practice we are working to create a better year setting goals and making our compromises of change with ourselves and the universe stronger.” –Naysha Silva-

What is a DIETA? 

“Diets are the triangular base of shamanism and are the most important part for those who use master plants as tools for healing. It is among other things through the diets that the shamans get their knowledge and healing powers. If we compare it to university studies, we could say that the diets are the different courses that one takes at the university. When one does a diet, one makes a friend, an ally for life, and these allies help the shaman work in ceremonies and life”.


By Naysha Silva

“Diets are temporary retreats in nature, usually for a period in isolation, with ritualized ingestion of plants (master plants) and very strict management of the physical (food restrictions and more that I will explain) and the psychological. A space in contact with nature dedicated to the physical and energetic purification, will help remove that which blocks sensitivity and will help you find your inner teacher. We open an inner door that allows us to contact our being at the deepest level, but at the same time that makes us vulnerable, which is why it is important that the place where we do the diets is isolated from cities or towns. When we do diets we are OPEN.”


By Naysha Silva

A “DIETA” is a time for introspection away from civilization or from our normal environments, a time for contemplation, a time to be in nature and connect with it, a time where you empty yourself, a time where you stand in front of the mirror, a time for reflection, a time where we have nobody to blame for our emotions, feelings, thoughts , life in general,  but where we take ownership and responsibility for ourselves. A time to heal on all levels (mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually). A time for reconciliation. 

How we do a DIETA? 

  • The space : In terms of physical space,  a traditional DIETA is done in the jungle or the forest, a place where you are completely isolated and disconnected from people and all kind of distractions and interference for you and the Master plants.


  • The time : The period of time to do a dieta is different for everyone and according to the necessities of each person, specially if we want to heal something specific or just learn. During this time the person will ingest preparation of certain plants called MASTER PLANTS, with specific purposes.  The minimum of time recommended is 10 DAYS, shamans on training are doing DIETAS for more than year, this can be a ONE YEAR DIETA or more with one specific Master plant or several small DIETAS with different Master plants for more than year, in some traditions it can take around 10 years of training to become a shaman, personally I believe shamans under training have not warranted that they are going to become shamans during a year or 10 years, to become a shaman goes also beyond the simple fact of performing a DIETA but really about connecting with the spirits, with the self and with the creator, is about understanding how the energies works and how healing is performed in those terms. If you want to specialize in the use of a plant, then diets are longer or repeated several times. After you have done several diets, you will feel how much time you will need with your MASTER PLANT .


  • The medicines : 

MASTER PLANTS. A master plant is the spirit of the plant that carries wisdom, a plant spirit that teaches us. Ayahuasca is also considered a master plant but learning just from Ayahuasca on its own can take a lot of time before really grasping how healing is working, it is like doing ceremonies by your own and without training. Doing ceremonies with a trained shaman, in other words you can achieve way more benefits from Ayahuasca ceremonies by DOING DIETAS .

Have you ever wondered why all people living in the Amazon aren’t shamans? Or why all aren’t working with sacred visionary plants such Ayahuasca or San Pedro? The simple answer is that you don’t become a shaman by just taking Ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca is one of many of the tools shamans in the Amazon use to perform healing, in fact Ayahuasca is the instrument the shaman uses to have a tangible communication with the spirits of nature and more specific with the spirit of the plants that will bring healing to the participants. Ayahuasca becomes a intermediary between the spirits and the shaman, just like the shaman will later become an intermediary between the spirit world and this world . Ayahuasca works as a translator for the shaman, it helps the shaman to study plants in a deeper level. In this level, the spirits of the plants can teach the shaman how to prepare certain medicines with precise indications, as such which parts are good for a specific problem and when is a good time to give day or night, if it should be boiled or not, all this information is transmitted during the DIETAS and the AYAHUASCA CEREMONIES. The spirit of the plants looks just like people but different, each plant has a specific characteristic and in some cases different ways in how it presents itself to the shaman, some plants have a tendency to manifest a strong feminine or masculine energy, as well they look as women or men. 

It is also during this DIETAS that the shaman receives his ICAROS is a kind of shamanic chanting with specific purposes and as such, raises the energy, call for protection or healing as few examples. Each plant contains an ICARO, a song that will be transmitted to the shaman, it is in this music the secret of how the shaman makes the energies to move. Because everything is energy and energy is vibration and frequency. The vibration these songs are carrying are strong enough to RESET and in some case REGENERATE cells in the body even strong enough to start to change your DNA structure. Recent studies have shown how Ayahuasca helps to regenerate brain cells but is not only Ayahuasca. 

Two kinds of diets

In my experience there are two kinds of diets:

Learning diets. All diets are about learning, but the degree of learning depends on the effort we put into each diet. It also depends on the connection you get to the spirit of what you are dieting, whether it be plants, crystals, or whatever. The more restrictions you have in your diet, the more benefits you will get from it.

Healing diets. All diets are for healing also, but there are specific diets to cure specific diseases or problems. A person who performs a healing diet can vary the level of restrictions depending on the severity of the illness. The restrictions will depend on what the shaman recommends, but the basic general rules do not change. The only thing that varies in this case is the food, depending of the body. A person who is old and physically weak may have a little more elaborate meal, but always WITHOUT SALT.

How to start a  DIETA ? 

For the following reasons the shaman will often do an Ayahuasca ceremony with the person prior to the diet:

  1. To clean the energies and the body of the person who will diet, so the first obstacles of working with the spirit of the plant are removed.
  2. To identify the plant that the person will diet. The shaman in the ceremony calls the spirits of different plants to see which is best suited to the diet for that person.
  3. The shaman also sets the time the person must make in their diet. 
  4. The day after the ceremony the diet starts very early in the morning by taking prepared tea or macerated bark, roots, flowers or leaves of the plant that the shaman saw during the Ayahuasca ceremony. You drink the tea for the first three days of the diet. After that you might continue drinking it, but it depends on the shaman and whether the diet is learning or healing. In diets for learning it’s enough to drink the tea the first three days. For healing diets, the tea plant is taken during all the diet, either 7, 15, 30 or more days, which also depends on the disease severity.



  • LOCATION: For this particularl event we are going to be in a FARM located in small village named PAMPA HERMOSA  outside TARAPOTO TOWN in PERU . We are not going to be inside the wilderness of the jungle as such because this can be a little difficult as a first experience, for the same reasons we are not going to be completely isolated in terms of physically being alone, the participants will be sharing a space to sleep with individual beds. We have a dormitory for women and men in the farm as well 4 toilets and 4 showers. The AYAHUASCA ceremonies are going to be performed OUTDOOR and if the weather permits it , in nature under a big tree as there used to be in the beginning of times, before we started building ceremony places.

  • NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTSWe are going to have a MAXIMUM of 20 PARTICIPANTS for the DIETA.


CHIRIZANANGO. In the physical aspect this plant is good for bones and nervous system and all kind of problems related with them. In the energetic aspect is a good plant for make our energy strong, brings protection. Some people find this dieta one of the most difficult ones to handle because of the numbessnes effect that it has over the body. 

MUCURA. In the physical aspect it is good to treat colds, in the energetic aspect this plant is good to clean and clear energies in all levels, it is a good plant to start a DIETA with.  

BOBIMSANA. In the energetic aspect this plant is good to open the heart. It is one of the most magical plants the amazon has to share. 

CHUCHUWASI. In the physical aspect it is good to treat rheumatitis, cold in the bones, weak blood, boost the immune system and is good for fertility problems. In the energetic aspect brings a lot of energy in the body making our fields stronger, you literally feel like the sun is inside you, it is a good ally to repeal lower energies.  

JERGONSACHA. In the physical aspect it is good for diabetes and other diseases. In the energy aspect it is good to clean and clear sexual energies.

TOE. It is a plant that is considered by most shamans as one of the most powerful ones, even more powerful than Ayahuasca and because of this, also one of the most dangerous. Shamans use it to make their visions more clear and vivid, to increase their intuition and to develop psychic abilities. This plant will be only given to those who the TAITA INTI TEAM consider ready for this plant. 

PINON COLORADO. In the energetic aspect, this plant is good to take out energy parasites such entities or demons. It is also good for protection. 


  • DATES : The DIETA starts the 2nd of JANUARY 2018 and finishes the 31st of JANUARY 2018. 


15 DAYS DIETA from the 2nd to the 16h of JANUARY or from the 16th to the 31st of JANUARY or 1 MONTH DIETA from the 2nd to the 31st of JANUARY.


 During the 15 DAYS DIETA  we are going to have 6 Ayahuasca ceremonies + 2 San Pedro ceremonies. During the MONTH DIETA we we are going to have 13 AYAHUASCA CEREMONIES + 3 SAN PEDRO CEREMONIES

  • PRICES :  

The 15 DAYS DIETA will cost 1600 USD .

The ONE MONTH DIETA will cost 2600 USD

*Prices does not include flight tickets.

*Price includes food, water, accommodation, transport to and from the airport, to and from the FARM, MASTER PLANTS and all CEREMONIES.

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