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General Information

  • Our ceremonies have a maximum number of 10 participants + For this event we will have 3 shamans  experts in their field+ 1 shaman apprentice + 1-2 volunteers; this makes our work more personalized than working in a bigger group.
  • We like to work individually and to create a good relationship between you, us and the group. In small groups this is easier than in bigger groups where the shamans don’t even remember the name of the participants.
  • Our first and foremost responsibility is of our participants and therefore we never overcrowd our ceremonies with as many people as we can get, this is not our motivation. We make a point of knowing each participant and working with you to help you get the most from your retreat


The Retreat Retreat Fee

The whole 12 days, 11 night retreat cost is $1500 US Dollars

What’s included

The retreat includes 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies, 3 San Pedro ceremony, transfers to and from the Vilcabamba,+ Tarot readings + Sharing circles and Ceremony Integration + Time to spend with shamans + Set meals during all days + Water and refreshments during the whole retreat + food and water.

What’s not included

Flights to and from Ecuador (Loja) Transfers from airport to Vilcabamba Kambo sessions Any additional food or drinks

Pay in full discount: If you pay in full (at the time of booking) then you will receive a 5% discount Previous participants: If you have already participated in one of our retreats, then you will receive a 5% discount.



If you wish to take part in a Kambo session then you can pay for this on the day. When you arrive please speak to one of the team so that we can take you through the process and organise the right time for you to take part in a Kambo session.

Kambo is chargeable at $60. Dollars

What to bring

Once you have booked and paid for your place, you will receive a preparation brochure which will give you a full list of things to bring for your specific retreat. Some of the usual things you will need to bring are: A Bath towel, Yoga mat, Sleeping bag, 1 Litre bottle for water, Pen & Paper, Small flash light, musical Instrument (if you wish).



He comes from a long tradition of sacred indigenous teachings tracing back to the Cofan, Huaorani, Secoya and Kichwa tribes who he has lived among. Born in 1966, a native to Ecuador, Santiago found himself on the shamanic path at the age twentysix after overcoming a serious illness working with sacred plants and the healing traditions of the Andes that extend down from Ecuador to Peru.

He has since devoted his life to the path of indigenous teachings and healing with the sacred medicine of San Pedro. He carries the blessings of his elders, tribal chiefs, his family and all the many medicine people whom he was initiated under. Santiago is well known throughout Ecuador and the Americas as a highly respected Shaman and a gifted healer, when you work with Santiago you will quickly learn why. Santiago is humble, deeply compassionate, wise beyond his years and carries a deep and powerful intention to heal with the spirit of San Pedro. For the past 3 years Santiago has worked at a well-known medicine healing retreat in Ecuador where he has lead countless San Pedro medicine ceremonies with groups as large as thirty people. Santiago has also, for the last year and a half, lead many San Pedro ceremonies at another retreat centre in Vilcabamba, Ecuador.

It is very rare to have an opportunity to work with Santiago in his home setting with much smaller groups, usually 6 to 8 people. His Moloka where he holds ceremonies sits high a top the sacred mountains of Vilcabamba with breathtaking vistas. To climb the path up the mountain and find yourself in this sacred setting is truly an experience you won’t soon forget


Santiago works with the sacred tools of his ancestors that have been passed down for generations, the power and presence of his lineage speaks in all the work he does. Santiago works with many animal spirit energies, including Jaguar, Mountain Lion, Fox, Coyote and Hummingbird. To work with Santiago is to learn the ancient traditions these sacred ceremonies represent and to re-connect with the subtle energies of spirit, so you can heal on all levels and start to transform your life. Come with an open heart, come with an open mind, come if you are feeling sick, come if you are feeling good, come if you feel afraid, come if you are feeling disconnected, come if you need guidance, but most of all just come—new friends, new family and new possibilities for your life await you. To know more about Santiago and his work please go to


12508810_10154516551683761_6040579655149748830_n (1)

Her first Ayahuasca experience started before she was born. Her mother was 33 years old, married and although she wanted a baby girl, she could not have children. She tried everything in modern medicine, but nothing worked. Like many Peruvians that are disconnected from their spiritual roots, her parents went to the shamans after everybody else had said that there is no solution. At that time her father was working with some San Pedro curanderos from the north of Peru. One month later her mother was pregnant. Her mother never told Naysha this story until she returned from her shamanic training in Iquitos. She somehow knew that her path was already chosen. She spent one year and a half with her indigenous shaman teachers in Iquitos doing her training, shamanic diets, spiritual retreats in isolation with very strict rules, and 3 years working with assistance in the ceremonies of other shamans. Now, she has been working for 7 years with the sacred amazon plants.


After recovering from a terminal illness overnight through Ayahuasca, Suraiya has learnt the teachings of plant medicines and their power to heal not jus15697878_10154287895480838_3735480504277934266_nt herself but also others. Ayahuasca has given Suraiya a unique gift and through Ayahuasca her special and direct way to help people understand and submit to the power of love and healing, a way that can be integrated into life to produce balance, harmony and love. Ayahuasca works through Suraiya in ceremony not in the usual way of a shaman; it is a very hands on method and has proven to bring major healing to people when they are ready to bring change into their lives and open to receive. Suraiya works through the teachings of Ayahuasca, San- Pedro and Sacred Mushrooms.

Maq –

After watching his wife heal from a terminal illness through the power of plant medicine, he wanted to learn more about plant medicines. In doing so and after his calling by San-Pedro he now brings to you a way to channel and focus the teachings of plant medicine. Mac has spent much time in Peru learning the knowledge and teachings of Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Sacred Mushrooms. Together they bring a truly unique way integrate and understand the true purpose of you in your life.

The Program

Day 1

Transfer from Vilcabamba to retreat centre Welcome, registration & orientation Tarot readings Intentions Ayahuasca ceremony

Day 2

Kambo Sessions, Breakfast Sharing circle ,Lunch ,Time to speak with shamans Dinner

Day 3

San Pedro ceremony, Dinner

Day 4

Breakfast, Sharing circle ,Lunch ,Time to speak with shamans, Dinner

Day 5

Kambo Sessions, Breakfast, Sharing circle ,Lunch, Time to speak with shamans Tarot readings & intentions Ayahuasca ceremony

Day 6

Kambo Sessions ,Breakfast, Sharing circle ,Lunch Time to speak with shamans Dinner

Day 7

San Pedro ceremony, Dinner

Day 8

Breakfast, Sharing circle ,Lunch ,Time to speak with shamans ,Dinner

Day 9

Kambo Sessions ,Breakfast, Sharing circle, Lunch, Time to speak with shamans Tarot readings & intentions Ayahuasca ceremony

Day 10

Kambo Sessions, Breakfast ,Sharing circle ,Lunch Time to speak with shamans, Dinner

Day 11

San Pedro ceremony ,Dinner

Day 12

Breakfast ,Sharing circle, Lunch, Time to say goodbye Transfer back to Vilcabamba

The Retreat

Location : The retreat will take place at Vilcabamba in the Retreat Place that SANTIAGO owns .

Our Prices

We understand that there are ceremonies that are available that may seem cheaper, however, we ask you to consider the following things if you feel our prices are too much.

Our ceremonies have a maximum number of participants; this makes our work more personalized than working in a bigger group.

We like to work individually and to create a good relationship between you, us and the group. In small groups this is easier than in bigger groups where the shamans sometimes don’t even remember the name of the participants.

Our first and foremost responsibility is of our participants and therefore we never overcrowd our ceremonies with as many people as we can get, this is not our motivation. We make a point of knowing each participant and working with you to help you get the most from your retreat.

 You will be in the company of 2 competent and experienced shamans.

Naysha has trained in the jungle of the Amazon for many years to become a shaman of complete light and she travels frequently to Peru to take part in ceremonies, dietas and other training to keep her up to date in her work and keep her connected to the light. Suraiya has a unique gift that has been given to her by Ayahuasca that has meant she is able to access and remove energies within people that no longer serve them. Her way is absolute, pure and with the light. Together, Naysha and Suraiya offer a completely unique way forward to not just experience Ayahuasca, but to help you access true healing, to help you find an alternative way forward and the chance to find your true purpose. This is all provided within a safe and protected environment, where they will always be present, available and guide you through the ceremony.

Ceremony venues are hand-picked to offer you space to move not just physically, but to give you an open environment in which you can feel free.

We usually hire venues such as an area with land around it with plenty of privacy, whilst still offering modern conveniences.

We only use assistants and facilitators who have experience of Ayahuasca and plant medicines. Before every ceremony assistants and facilitators are briefed on procedures to make sure each ceremony can run smoothly and be the most productive for the participants as possible.

 We follow traditional Amazonian ceremonies.

 We prepare our medicine in Peru, respecting nature, getting the medicinal plants from ecological Ayahuasca farms where they replant the vines and the chakruna leaves. These farms are not conventional farms; they are in the jungle so the plants still grow in their natural environment.

 The ceremonies are held by shamans who have spent time doing a proper shamanic training to work with Ayahuasca, in the Amazon. This work is done through DIETS.

Read more about it:

 In our preparation, we undertake special diets to be able to cook and to be energetically clean when we do the ceremonies.

 Several times a year, we take breaks to do our own personal work and continue learning.

We work with more than one kind of Ayahuasca. Based on your needs, we offer 4 different kinds of Ayahuasca in all our sessions: Sky Ayahuasca (good for psychological and emotional problems like traumas). Black Ayahuasca (good for deeper problems such as diseases and bigger blocks. This Ayahuasca requires a lot of cleansing and purging). Sky Ayahuasca + bobimsana (this Ayahuasca is good for opening the heart and connecting to a different level of consciousness the vibration is very high) and a fourth one for advanced people with more experience with ceremonies.

Read more about it here:

How to Book Your Place

If you like what we do and it feels right for you now, then here’s what you need to do next:

1: Email for a skype interview.

We will contact you with a time and date for a Skype/Facetime chat with Naysha. A skype interview is a requirement for every participant, as we are very careful with the people who come to our ceremonies. We want people that are looking to become better persons and to create a better planet by their example. She will ask you a few questions regarding your health, your intentions for the ceremony and answer your questions in case you have any.

2: After the interview you will receive an email confirming your participation with a document for you to fill by hand, this document you scan it or take pictures and send it to Email: tor complete your booking.

3: Pay a deposit to secure your place on the retreat (details provided within the booking form).

4: You will then receive a preparation document which contains detailed information of how to prepare your body and mind before the ceremony. You will also receive basic travel details of the nearest airport/train station etc. along with local places to stay if you arrive early.

5: Approximately 1 week before, you will receive full details the meeting point.

Please note: It is important that on the day of the retreat you bring enough money to pay the balance of your retreat if you have not already done so. We are not able to let you continue on the retreat if you do not have money to cover the balance of your retreat.

Please note that we always recommend that you book any travel and accommodation with insurance as unforeseeable instances can occur, such as a change of the venue location. Due to this we always advise you take out the appropriate insurance for your trip as we would be unable to reimburse you for this.





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