_CCP8364From the shipibo tribe, Selia single mother of six kids has managed to follow her heart, to become a curandera, she started at very early age when she was 15, she was already asking her grandfather a very old shipibo shaman to teach her, at the beginning he refused telling her how much responsibility is need it and that he is already too old to be able to give her what is need it, Selia did not care about this, she insisted so much to his grandfather that he put her on her first diets and ayahuasca ceremonies where she got her first ikaros ( spiritual music) later in life she will need to stop working with the medicine because of her kids , when they were big enough she once more found a teacher in Pucallpa her natal land and there she continues her journey, now she is one of the best medicine women you can find in Iquitos area.  

Selia and Naysha meet through the documentary project that Naysha is running on the internet: Medicine Woman, Curanderita – The Woman’s Awakening Selia was one of the medicine women that has to accept to take part of the project and collaborate, because she believes the shamanic knowledge can help many people and that men and women are equally important, when working with the plants she said, female and male energy must be balanced, if we have too much of one then we are in the ego  and we must live from our hearts.


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