In a difficult night , when only a sparkle of light was all I have  and everything else was dark...  a spirit came and we have this beautiful conversation : -How can I win this battle?-  I asked ... -Naked  - ,the spirit said . -Without clothes ? -I asked .  –No, you need to... Continue Reading →

Mother Ayahuasca…

Mother ayahuasca it's calling me and I am calling her ... Somewhere, a voice calls, in the depths of my heart Mother ayahuasca it's calling me and I am calling her... Though the road is long and lonely and the end far away, I can with these two arms embrace the light. Mother ayahuasca it's... Continue Reading →

AYAHUASCA EVOLUTION PART 02 Ayahuasca, Dark Ceremonies and What to do?

  A BRIEF INTRODUCTION One of the greatest difficulties for the western mind, is to understand the spiritual Amazonian practices because there is not a doctrine to follow, but just a path to walk through. To develop a doctrine around the medicines has been difficult for several factors such as lacking intellectual education, most old shamans... Continue Reading →


"Here we are, you had have an amazing experience that has changed your life for ever and now you are back into “reality”, into “your reality”… "what is next?"... Ayahuasca is a tool that help us to clean, clear, heal, reconnect, awaken … Ayahuasca helps you to accelerate this process but for your transformation and... Continue Reading →

-Ayahuasca Deaths- Part No1

"In this article we will talk about the spiritual experience of dying during an Ayahuasca ceremony and the deaths that has been going around in the social media about physical deaths where Ayahuasca has been “involved” . Ayahuasca it is a plant that is sacred for many native south american indigenous and non indigenous traditions,... Continue Reading →

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