-The Demon that wanted me –

This past weekend during our weekend retreat with the MADRE we had an very unusual  exorcism during the first ceremony. Honestly we always perform exorcisms of different types and energy cleansings to all our participants during our retreats. Many people are not aware of the existence of these demonic or parasitic energies but they exist... Continue Reading →


  Bienvenido(a)  A nuestro primer Retiro Espiritual Madre Ayahuasca.  La Ayahuasca es una planta que nos abre para conectarnos al mundo espiritual. La Ayahuasca es una planta visionaria . En la Biblia y en otros textos con contenido espiritual es muy frecuente escuchar de la palabra visión . Asimismo dentro de muchas culturas chamánicas las... Continue Reading →

-The visions of the shaman-

In the Bible and in other texts with spiritual content it is very common to hear about the word VISION . Likewise, within many shamanic cultures, VISIONS are a fundamental part of the healing process but also not the more important. Many people nowadays in ceremonies with plants get lost and confused about their VISIONS... Continue Reading →

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