-The visions of the shaman-

In the Bible and in other texts with spiritual content it is very common to hear about the word VISION . Likewise, within many shamanic cultures, VISIONS are a fundamental part of the healing process but also not the more important. Many people nowadays in ceremonies with plants get lost and confused about their VISIONS... Continue Reading →


In a difficult night , when only a sparkle of light was all I have  and everything else was dark...  a spirit came and we have this beautiful conversation : -How can I win this battle?-  I asked ... -Naked  - ,the spirit said . -Without clothes ? -I asked .  –No, you need to... Continue Reading →

Mother Ayahuasca…

Mother ayahuasca it's calling me and I am calling her ... Somewhere, a voice calls, in the depths of my heart Mother ayahuasca it's calling me and I am calling her... Though the road is long and lonely and the end far away, I can with these two arms embrace the light. Mother ayahuasca it's... Continue Reading →

AYAHUASCA EVOLUTION PART 02 Ayahuasca, Dark Ceremonies and What to do?

  A BRIEF INTRODUCTION One of the greatest difficulties for the western mind, is to understand the spiritual Amazonian practices because there is not a doctrine to follow, but just a path to walk through. To develop a doctrine around the medicines has been difficult for several factors such as lacking intellectual education, most old shamans... Continue Reading →

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