When I got arrested

Almost a year has past since that sad episode when I got arrested in Madrid. To this day, it is a mystery how it happened because I am also a lawyer, and I have taken the time to study the laws of the countries in which I work.

For a historical relationship that Spain carried with Peru a couple of years ago, Spain clarified the law that concerns the use and possession of Ayahuasca. In Spain, to possess or use Ayahuasca is legal.

It was my surprise when I arrived at Madrid airport that the police were already waiting for me. They took me to the airport’s police facilities to open my luggage. They already knew that I had Ayahuasca with me. Of course, I did not deny anything because I have nothing to hide.

Since I started my mission, I have always been ready to face this possibility.

During the time I spent healing myself from depression when I was 22 years old (2009), the spirit of Ayahuasca had been inviting me to work with her; I had spent several years of kindly refusing the offering.

The respect I have for her spirit is immense, and the care I have for other peoples’ souls is the same. It was not until approximately 2014, when I finally agreed to work with her.
After a significant event, while I was meditating, a white orb entered the place where I lived. I was alone in the location I was living, and the next day while meditating, I started to hear a voice inside me, above me and everywhere.

You have to start traveling. You have to bring medicine to this country, to Europe, and the world. Many people cannot travel to the Amazon, and they need medicine to wake up and heal. – it told me.

-What are you saying? I don’t know anything- I replied.

You learned during the years you spent with your indigenous teachers in the jungle; you have taken the time. You know the songs and have seen the spirits of the plants. You have dieted the plants. Don’t worry; you’re not going to be alone.- it answered.

I’m not old; I’m not wise either. Many shamans are traveling from the Amazon here to Europe; why would people come to me? .- I replied.

No one has become old, nor has anyone become wise overnight. Everyone has a beginning, and this is yours. I’m going to teach you everything you need to know for this journey; the most important thing is that you have faith and trust.- It told me.

-Faith and trust? You are a voice in my head; before I think that I have gone crazy, I need to know who I am talking to-, I replied.

I am the Archangel San Rafael, and today is the day that they celebrate me on earth-.

After this, the communication stopped because I wanted to check if this was true. I ran into my computer and research this Archangel; I did not know much about him. He was, in fact, the first angel I had encountered. I have encounter three more during these years. I did not think they were real until then.


I found out that Raphael is the Archangel that protects travelers and healers; this is precisely what he was asking me to do, to travel and bring healing. It was true , that date when he was speaking with me, it was the day when we celebrate him on earth in different religions and spiritual practices and his name means: God heals.

The police did not fully understand what my situation was for real. Half of them told me that I should expect a couple of years in prison, and the other half told me not to worry that I would be back home the next day.

The worst part is that I had my baby with me, I would never put her at risk, and I also knew the police were doing their job, as all of us do. I did not have to fight with them. Unfortunately, I did not have the contacts of the lawyers in Spain at the Ayahuasca Legal Foundation with me. Still, I was allowed to make ONE call, so I called a friend at that time to help me to contact the Ayahuasca Legal Foundation, and most importantly, to come to take my baby with her.

I understood in the jobs we do, we can decide to be humans or follow the book. I was lucky because the police could have put me under arrest in the small cell where I later had to sleep, and they could have also taken my daughter to a children’s shelter while I waited for my lawyer, but they did not.

As I mentioned before, I know they are only doing their job, so I did my best to collaborate with them and answered all the questions they have for me ; therefore, a small group of police officers was very kind. We talked about the uses of Ayahuasca, the work that I had been doing around the world. They were very interested in the subject, and they even bought my baby food because, by law, only I was under arrest, they had not obligation to feed my baby but they did anyway, they use their own money to get food for her . It was not until midnight when the public defender arrived, I understood later that some of the police officers had arranged for me to do it like that to spend more time with my baby, who was still nursing.

Some policemen wanted to put me directly in the cell and take my baby away, but as I said, there was a group that was very protective of my baby and me, they even spoke with the chief of police so that I could stay with her there, but this was not possible. I knew it was the best for her. The cell and the bed were too small but big enough to drive anyone crazy for a few hours. Certainly, depriving people’s freedom is one of the most significant punishments that we have been able to create.

My lawyer also did not know the legal situation of Ayahuasca. Although I provided her with the necessary contacts so that the next day I could go free, she did not bother to listen because her understanding of the law was that I was going to jail. Why bother then? This attitude worried me a lot because spending a few hours, one night away from my daughter, was torture enough to think that it could take more time before seeing her again.

At midnight the police officers who were going to take care of my baby arrived, and my great joy was when I saw the man and the woman who was going to take her. They had a lot of light around them, and they assured me that they were taking her to one of the best places for children under custody and that I should not worry, I would be able to be with her again and that it was the procedure they have to follow.

The time came when they put me in the little cell and remember that I have a bit of claustrophobia; it comes and goes. Of course, during that night, I felt it. It was not easy to breathe and, therefore, to sleep. I had many thoughts and mixed feelings for my mission and my daughter. I then heard a voice telling me: SING!

I kept crying, and the voice got louder, telling me: SING!

As you can imagine, the last thing I wanted to do was sing, but at the same time, it was what made the most sense. And then I remembered that moment when I accepted my mission and the promise of the angel and the medicine that they would take care of me and protect me.

Crying still, I began to sing, and with my songs, the visions, all the memories of my travels. I was going through a challenging situation at that time, and I am not going to tell exactly that now because it is a very long story that I will share with you in the book that I am writing.

I sang and sang, and my daughter’s face smiled at me, and the medicine spoke to me and said: it is time to renew your vows and promises with your path.

-Do you want to continue with this mission? –

Singing , I remembered that we all have a purpose. I remembered that my daughter had chosen me for a reason, and if this was happening, it was because we were bought strong enough to handle it . I thought about the times of my training in the jungle and how hard it had been. The time in jail didn’t look so bad in that light anymore. I remembered that if I had to go there, I would continue to bring light and the message of love as well, that if I were to be jailed, I would make that time a good time for me and others.

I answered the medicine – YES! I accept everything, the good and the bad, the easy and the difficult, what I understand and what I do not understand. I give myself to my mission, renew my vows and raise my spirit to the universe to be at her service-.

Mother Ayahuasca told me not to worry that everything was going to be okay. Of course, even knowing this in my heart, my mind still had doubts, but my soul was ready. One not only trains in the jungle to do Ayahuasca ceremonies, but one also prepares for life. I understood that.


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